June 15, 2012

Adams confessions Month 1

My first month working at Logic has come to an end, it is Fat Friday/McDonalds Friday in the office today and I have had an iPad shoved in front of me and am now about to begin my first logic blog article.

I have a confession to make. I have been having a dreadfull affair with one of the most glorious and wonderfull typefaces around, namely Gotham. The slender sans serf font always seemed to turn my head when working on magazine spread or indeed websites. Whether used in light, medium or heavy weights, the font was plastered everywhere in my work, including my portfolio…which I am sure got me the job here at Logic.

But recently things have turned sour…this wondrous typeface which rocked my world for so long has become to me like Arial Heavy or Comic Sans, overused, overrated and overlooked. Leaving a bitter aftertaste in my mouth as I select Gotham for one of the last times in Indesign, I feel a certain sadness amongst an overwhelming sense of relief as finally I can broaden my horizons to a wider plethora of typographic styles delivered to myself by Google Web Fonts.

Just as Din came before Gotham, Ruda is a new favourite, but for how long??

Forgive me Gotham, it just wasn’t meant to be.