September 11, 2012

Why We Use WordPress

Wordpress has nothing to do with pressing words, it’s for managing the content of a website, and here are some of my reasons why WordPress is amazing.

Firstly the WordPress software is open source which means it’s free to download and use for either personal or commercial websites. It’s built using PHP and MySQL which is again open source and licensed under GPL.

For us designers and developers creating a beautiful website for WordPress is a painless and uncompromising process, leaving us free to be creative and focus on the marketing and user experience side of our jobs. Unlike many open source CMS applications WordPress has very little limits with creating the visuals, so when designing concepts or tackling some complex features requested by clients integrating and extending the software is a breeze.

Back in 2003 when WordPress was conceived it was a blogging platform (i.e. News posts ordered by date on a category page). Over the years the developers over at WordPress added functionality to enable the application to be used for business websites, they also added PHP functions and hooks (coding speak!)  Which make extending WordPress simple, so from the traditional blogging platform we have crafted online shops, customer management systems, property portals and more…

WordPress is evolving; updates for the software and its huge plugin library are released frequently. The upgrade process is simple, it’s just 2 mouse clicks and can all be done in the admin panel. At the time I’m writing this article there are 21,246 plugins hosted on and they are all free to extend your website.

WordPress is easy to use; if you’ve used Microsoft Word you’ll find WordPress simple. Having said this it is packed with features that will make your content beautiful, here are my top ones:

  • Preview – Check what your page will look like before pressing Publish
  • Time Travel – Save drafts or pages to be scheduled to publish in the future
  • Distraction Free – While writing, WordPress literally fades away letting you concentrate on your content
  • Never lose a word – WordPress automatically saves a draft of your work as you type
  • Publish anywhere – There are apps for most mobile devices to make creating content easy, the admin panel is online too so you can login from any computer plugged into a phone line!
  • Beautiful URL – WordPress automatically creates SEO friendly URLS!
  • ¡Bienvenidos a WordPress! – WordPress has been translated into over 60 languages!