August 15, 2012

Hello from Sam


Hi! I’m the latest addition to the growing team here at Logic Design and am proud to introduce myself as Sam Hunt, Account Manager (extraordinaire)!

A little bit about myself …

I have a background in design with a degree in Graphic Art and Design which I’m sure will help me to gain a greater understanding of client’s aesthetic aspirations! I specialised as a graphic artist, caricaturising music legends such as the Beatles, to Miss World runners up; Wayne Rooney and Mike Tyson.

Since leaving University (after going through a brief post-uni crisis) I decided to take on a marketing internship and cut my teeth in the industry. It was a valuable experience, met great people and for the best part avoided the coffee run for three months. Most importantly though, as well as providing me with the relevant experience, it made me sure that this was the industry for me and led me to Logic!

Today’s my first day so I’m looking forward to introducing myself to as many clients, as quickly as possible, so feel free to drop me a line and say hi!