August 17, 2012

The Hidden Costs Of Making Your Website Beautiful

Come into the fold. For one time only, we at Logic Design, are opening our doors and are taking you on a magical mystery tour of the process we apply to making your beautiful website. You may be surprised to find we don’t sit around ALL day playing angry birds and eating biscuits.

We start every project by sitting down as a team and running through your requirements, working out exactly what you want to achieve from the project. (Usually with an iPad, because we’re so 2012.)

Collaboration is the key and these meetings allow us to utilize our expertise and start generating ideas. We get creative, let the ideas flow whilst the designers amongst us start scribbling furiously on paper, pads or the nearest napkin. We’re visual people and we believe that mapping concepts and designs out on paper really helps to set things in motion and move the project along.


One technique we use on more complex projects is to create website wire frames, which are simple black and white outlines of each content area to demonstrate the layout and form. This will be the first time you glimpse your website and is the opportune time to refine the structure before we go too far perfecting every small detail. You might even want to get creative and have a play with your own wireframe, to see what you come up with. Who knows, you might even find your true calling!

Follow the link below for some free templates (everyone likes freebies)


Logos are another example of design that seems to appear from nowhere. Granted, some moments of genius occur, like when Milton Glaser drew the ‘I love NY’ logo on a scrap of paper in the back of a New York taxi in 30 seconds. But generally, we like to sketch out many different of designs in order to explore every possible avenue. We also use this time to research your company’s specific field, target market, audience and look into competitor companies. it’s through this two-pronged approach we feel we can best create concepts that accurately and appropriately reflect your company. Only once we’ve got this solid foundation completed will we start to refine the design, add colours, alter structure, positioning and typefaces.



Hopefully you’ve got more of an idea now about how we work and also how you can work with us! Get creative, get wireframing, we’re looking forward to you putting us to shame with your beautiful designs and great concepts!

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