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Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers was a prime-time adventure series on Channel 5 in 2011. Extreme Frontiers took on the harshest of environments on Canada, from extreme colds to the baron landscapes. Boorman was joined by producer-director Russ Malkin in another hit collaboration. The show was such a success that fans demanded a follow-up book and DVD: Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland and Labrador to the Rockies.

Just a year later, Boorman continued on his journey, visiting the wildest landscapes. This time the team travelled across South Africa on two BMW R1200GS motorcycles and a Nissan Pathfinder.

In the Extreme Frontiers latest adventure, Charley and the team took on the whole of America starting in the beautiful Hawaii. The team then moved to Alaska, on the Eastern seaboard, back down to the Southern States, the Gulf of Mexico and up again to the Rockies. The Extreme Frontiers team finally concluded their epic journey on the Pacific Coast at Los Angeles with some great stories to tell and some even better TV footage.

With such a high profile TV platform as Channel 5, the Extreme Frontiers team needed an equally brilliant online presence. They came to Logic Design with the brief to create an ‘extremely’ engaging brochure website design that would lead the user on the journey with them. The website should promote the tour and the series, building interest and be a place where fans could watch clips and read posts. We were only too happy to except the challenge!

Our Solution

With a longstanding relationship with Extreme Frontiers, we have created several website to promote each series of Charlie Boorman’s epic expedition. Each website has had a strong theme of adventure with the purpose for fans to be able to follow the journey of the team and feel involved every step of the way.

Social media has been integral for providing live updates to the show viewers. We integrated API’s (or Application Interfaces) to connect the website to social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. This gave the websites a blog style feel, and created the feel of a hub of activity. Regular and exciting videos, pictures and Tweets come pouring on to the site at all times making the sites a must visit destination for fans across the globe. All of these integrations mean that the site speed is not slowed down, as the content is technically hosted on different website servers. For instance, Youtube actually hosts the videos, however it appears as though they are part of the Extreme Frontiers website design. In addition, there are clear links in the form of custom social media links, directing users off to Instagram, Facebook and Google +. These links are styled up to be consistent to the rugged feel of the show, enhancing the programme’s own style and helping to create an atmosphere of adventure.

A picture says 1000 words, and so we introduced a fun looking gallery charting the route of the team on their quests. We designed the images of each gallery as polaroid pictures to build the feeling that the site was current and things were happening every minute. This was in line with the ‘do it yourself’ nature of the show and separates the website from the rest!

The blog is designed as a travel log, supporting the adventure feel. It’s an integral part of the site and was used to keep the fans in the know. It is easily accessible and editable in the back end of the website, so it’s as simple for the team to use as writing a quick email. We even featured the latest two posts on the homepage of the site, as well as the dedicated blog page. This is known to enhance the effectiveness of the fresh blog content for optimising the website for search engines. It’s important to give a website every chance of being spotted online, and Logic Design are proactive in the latest techniques to ensure our website design is highly visible and well ranked.