We love typefaces at Logic Design, here is a selection of our best fonts of 2012. Typography isn’t just about communication, it can also add subtle references to the message you’re trying to convey.

Whole books have been written on the craft and nuanced world of typography and type design, but we’re keeping things simple. In this article we’ve scoured our last years work to present you with a fine and varied selection of the best fonts in the design world. Including serifs, sans-serifs and slab serifs for web and print alike, these fonts are the ones we can’t do without. We love type, so here’s our definitive list of 12 beautiful typefaces which make your sites look stunning, eye catching and fit for purpose.

1. Oswald

A tall, narrow typeface offering a dominating and commanding presence on any website. We love Oswald, designed by Vernon Adams especially when in caps, it helps headlines on websites stand out and due to its rectangular shape works brilliantly when working with grids and columns.

2. Kreon

A beautiful slab-serifed typeface designed by Julia Petretta which offers something different to the standard serifed font such as Georgia. Available in three different weights from Google Fonts, this typeface brings a dated yet classical style up to the present day with its subtle use of slab-serifs.

3. Titillium Web

A major modern day typeface, used all over the web for an expressively digital feel on designs. This san-serifed font designed by the Accademia di Belle Arti Urbino adds something different and is available in a wide range of weights, adding definition to a website along with consistency. A loud chunky weight of the font is available and can be used as a display font in needed.

4. Exo

Designed by Natanael Gama, Exo is a similar font to Titillium with the subtle difference that it is slightly taller. This typeface looks great on technology sites, adding a simplistic feel to uncluttered designs. A clean and simplistic typeface, this might just have the edge over Titillium in terms of look and feel, but that’s down to personal opinion.

5. Open Sans

This typeface is what Myriad is to the Microsoft Word user – but for web. The classic sans-serifed typeface designed by Steve Matteson was commissioned by Google enabling high legibility online, this font can be used as a striking headline font or body copy text due to its legibility at small size. A must for any designers collection.

6. Georgia

An absolute classic for web, especially beautiful when used in regular italics. Completely web safe, this stalwart typeface remains one of the strongest contenders in the web world. A serifed typeface designed back in 1993 by typographical genius Matthew Carter, this was one of the original web safe fonts designed for the Microsoft Corporation as part of the “Core fonts for the web” collection.

7. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a unique typeface, with smooth rounded corners which give it a light buoyancy which offers something a bit off the wall and yet quite corporate. Designed for Ubuntu Operating System and the collaborated work of open-source software experts the font is free and will always be free, so grab it now!

8. Gotham

Gotham has been one of the most heavily used typefaces of 2012. You see this everywhere from movie posters to business cards, this sans-serif typeface has been heavily used because of its pure clarity and high legibility, mixed with just enough style. It’s become an obsession for designers during 2012, will we ever tire of it?

9. Philosopher

A beautiful stylish serifed font designed by Érico Lebedenco. This especially elegant typeface is available as a web safe font available from google web fonts. If you’re looking for something different yet traditional, this is a must for a designers toolkit.

10. Josephin Sans

Next is the sans serifed Josephin Sans, as a thin slender weight this is not only web safe but legible even at small sizes. A beauty for display uses and also for online use. Designed by the Design Agency “Typemade” based in Monterrey, Mexico, it exudes simplicity and grace. Also, check out Josephin Slab…a Slab-Serifed version of the font. Very nice too.

11. Bodoni

With its slender curves and serifs, this typically fashionable typeface is commonly used on any fashion websites. Initially created in 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni this elegant font will never get old, with its classical style and unique stroke weights.

12. Arial

Never underestimate Arial. Totally website friendly this seemingly boring typeface comes to life when treated well. Simply adjust the kerning and line spacing and it changes totally. Used in large format or simply as a body copy this simplistic typeface is totally legible. With a large range of weights designed in 1982 by a 10 person team led by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. Don’t get this confused with Helvetica (the Capital R’s are different).
So there you have it, the 12 days of typography. Might not mean a lot to many, but it means a lot to us! Happy Christmas – the Logic team.

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