"4 Main Reasons Why Images Are Important For Your Website"

Images on your website serve much more of a purpose than making your design look good.

If they are used effectively, your business can gain a lot more traffic and therefore conversions, whether that be making sales or gaining enquiries. Here are the 4 main reasons why images are important for your website:

More Views and Clicks

As humans, we are very visual beings, so images not only attract our attention but also spark emotions and draw us in. Because of this, if your website has appealing imagery, there is more chance of people viewing and clicking through it. Once on the website, images can improve the user experience and help to present important information in a more digestible way. By improving this, visitors will be more likely to stay on your website and stand a greater chance of being converted into an enquiry or sale!

Bringing Your Product to Life

Of course content is essential to explain your products or services, but images help you make the best first impression. They bring your offering to life and give your visitors the power to visualise and imagine utilising them; this creates a greater opportunity for sales and to highlight your brand.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Did you know that images can benefit your indexing on search engines? The captions that you label your images with is more content for SEO purposes. If it is a genuine description of the image, with some added keywords incorporated, the content will show up for both web and image searches, giving you more opportunity to be found.

Fuelling Social Media

Social media has established that it is extremely important for all businesses nowadays, and imagery has an impact on your position on all platforms. More people are going to interact with your social media posts if you include images because they create an emotional trigger leading to a response, such as a ‘like’, a ‘comment’ or a ‘share’. These actions are all significant in order to promote your business and encourage more visitors.

Images provide you with a lot more opportunities to attract new visitors and drive more conversions. If you have any questions about sourcing imagery or you would like to talk to an expert about your website visuals, contact us today – 01473 934050 or hello@logicdesign.co.uk.

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