It appears the jury is out on the new ITV rebrand…launched this week, it has appeared to arouse some varied opinions from the general public. With a completely fresh and forward thinking approach to the norm, the new brand was first noticed by myself on the TV Guide site, immediately my personal opinions were that it’s certainly different.

I suppose from a design perspective it adds a new angle on brand identity, but I can see where the designers at ITV Creative and designer Matt Rudd of Rudd Studio and also type specialists Font smith were coming from. I think it sums up ITV perfectly, a television station that creates programs for the masses, such shows as “Dancing on Ice” “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”, “Take me out” and other big name programs, not necessarily my television tastes, but still valid none the less. Its a fun, fresh identity, which sums up their viewer demographic, a fun loving, social media crazed, celebrity gossip, twitter trending generation. I think the colorful logo relates to this and the friendly cursive script relates to a fun loving generation.

So I actually watched ITV for 10 seconds last night to see the ITV logo change colour in one of their indents (the small bits between programs) a few are below. I appreciate the way the logo fades in and out of background images using a transparency effect, its fresh thinking and subtle. Its a perfect example of a team of designers listening to and understanding their market well. Plus, adding that certain unique quality to a project and the design teams personal stamp. Unique typography gives the brand and the company that homely, friendly and personable approach which looking back at previous ITV logos it didn’t give.

When you look at this in detail you realise the skilled execution of an idea, how the brand is going to be used on the web and on TV and how it all works well together seamlessly. The subtle greys and gradients are all trends that are seen today in current web media, which is of course again important, lets be honest, TV is practically watched on the Web, what with IPlayer, 4od, itv player etc

So there are many things a design firm could learn from this, importantly, don’t be afraid to try something new, think about your target audience and don’t be afraid to upset the apple cart once in a while…not everyone is going to like your work! Design is of course subjective, like Marmite, some people will love it, some people will hate it. As with any new identity system for a well known brand, it will take some getting used to, but our initial thoughts here at Logic Design are positive. The scheme has a lot more personality that the previous ITV system (below)

Its fair to say that ITV has traditionally lagged behind other TV Channels, but having repositioned themselves with a new brand perhaps 2013 could be a turning point for terrestrial TV Channel.

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