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It seems that everyone loves social media these days, and one of the most popular sites in the world of website design right now is Twitter, from toddlers to grannies, the nation has gone tweet crazy! For this reason, adding a twitter feed to your website is more important than ever.

How does a Twitter feed work?

We often get requests from clients to integrate their Twitter feed with their website design so that their customers can be updated with the on-goings of the company. Some of our clients have utilised this feed in other ways, posting jobs or new properties to a twitter feed which is then pulled out on the website design. An excellent time saver to kill two birds (no pun intended) with one stone, ensuring users of your site are kept updated whilst marketing to the worldwide Twitter audience.

However, in June 2013, Twitter disabled RSS requests and now suggest using their own API widget. One can only surmise that having multiple ways to connect to Twitter feeds was causing an increased load on the already perilously fragile Twitter servers! Therefore, Twitter have rewritten the way they pass information and now standardised the feeds, meaning anyone who linked in a different fashion will notice their Twitter feed suddenly disappear from the site!

The other side to this is that the standardised feed also comes with a standardised design. As shown above you will notice the feeds all follow a similar style, coming in a huge range of colour options (black or white!) So if you have a colour/textured background on your website design and wish to integrate a Twitter feed you will have to have either a white or black box in the middle of your website design!

If you’ve noticed a problem with your twitter feed or are interested in integrating one with your website design, why not give us a call on 01284 706 842 and we can discuss your options!

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