Akamai are a company who monitor the global internet for performance, speed, threats and usage. Most people don’t know it, but some consider that Akamai IS the internet. The company provide public real-time data on their findings.

Since the launch of Apples IOS7 at 6pm on Wednesday 18th September to the UK the internet has been having huge performance issues due to the number of consumers downloading (or attempting to download) this software update.

Social media exploded with complaints #iOS7error from users talking about download time and failed attempts.

According to Akamai just 5min after the update was available online the UK internet usage were reported at 114% above normal and 112% across Europe. Where the norm is between 0% and 12%. This is a big issue that apple could have prevented!

The last time big surge was when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was announced as the newly elected Pope Francis and usage was only 30% above normal. Twitter was peaking at 130,000 tweets per minute.

Just 24hours after this update a number of security flaws with the Touch ID sensor have been found meaning that this is not the end of the slow internet, apple will now need to create a patch for devices that have upgraded. Hopefully this time they will stagger downloads to users over a few weeks to keep global internet usage below the red level and allow businesses and consumers to use the internet for every day usage.

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