Bumpf. It’s a word, and also a sound. The sound a mound of information makes when dropped onto your desk.

Do you want a website design that makes that kind of sound? Or would you prefer to hear this sound? Did you hear that? No? That’s because a one page website design doesn’t make daunting noises. They do have a host of benefits, however.

You guide the journey

There’s only one way visitors can go on a one page website… and that’s wherever you want them to. Careful website design choices lead your visitors towards your site’s objective. Be it making a sale, watching a video or even registering to your email list, you’re the evil genius that guides their journey. Can you be trusted with this power over people?

Between you and me, we think an artfully created one page website is a much more elegant way of converting your visitors than a glitzy landing page.

De-cluttering the web starts at home

You visit a website, read the welcome page, then schlep your mouse pointer down the list of categories until you finally find what you’re looking for. You then wade through several pages, struggling to find what you’re looking for. Exhausted, you go away to look at cat pictures on Facebook. “There must be some other way,” you mutter to your desk tidy.

One page websites give your visitors a more streamlined experience. The economy of communicating who you are, what you do, and why you matter on one single itty-bitty page is a challenge, but one that can result in an original and striking web presence that doesn’t try your visitor’s patience.

Forget everything you know about conventional SEO

It’s true that having just one page limits the amount of keywords you can get into your website. SEO isn’t just about keywords, however. One page means one URL, which focusses links to that page, rather than a spread of pages. Google likes pages with plenty of links from reliable sources, so your SEO will benefit from this.

SEO is a developing art when it comes to one page websites. We’ll have some tips and tricks for maximising your SEO next post.

Less is… more time to do other things

You don’t need to spend hours curating your content, because you don’t have any. And you don’t need to hire a wise looking kid with a lumberjack’s beard to do it for you on his MacBook.

Why? Because your website is one page long.

When we build one page websites, we don’t see them as dogs. In other words, your one page website won’t drop its leash at your feet and guilt you into taking it for a walk in the rain. No, your one page website is more like a cat. A cat that catches its own food. All it needs from you is a bit of love and attention every so often.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you capable of saying everything you need to say in a page?
  • Are you busy enough that you’d prefer a website that can more or less fend for itself?

Then, my friend, a one page website might be for you.

Our fantastic website design team quite literally has a very special one page website with your name on it. So get in touch on 01284 706842 or email hello@logicdesign.co.uk

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