This week we have seen huge technological and scientist advances with the first manmade object landing on a commit. The Philae probe, some 300 million miles away from earth, marks another giant leap for mankind.

Widespread excitement is justified as the breakthrough could very well hold the key to answering some of our planets age-old mysteries. On the other hand it threatens to release an infinite flood of answerable questions and uncertainty. If one thing is for sure, then technology is advancing faster than most of our comprehension and at best we can hope to stay relatively relevant.

A little closer to home there are examples ever day of how we are playing catch up to technology. It seems that even the world’s largest technology companies are no longer at the forefront. We hear today that Chinese authorities have arrested three hackers on the suspicion of spreading malware targeted at hardware giant Apple’s operating system.

Where in the past we would be encouraged to protect ourselves from physical threats, today it seems that we are under attack in cyber space too. This recent news warns us that we should not only check the kitchen window is bolted tightly, but that virtual assailants are now figuratively trying coming through the back door!

The website spreading the malware has been shut down. It appears that the malicious malware was spread by downloading software to Mac desktop devices. By the time the virus had been uncovered, the infected software had already been downloaded over 300,000 times, reinforcing the fear that many of us share when downloading from the web.

Apple MAlware Chinese

If even some of the greatest in minds in app and web development at Apple can have the wool pulled over their eyes, then it puts our own web safety into question. It’s important to first understand that your web presence will always be vulnerable to a certain degree, then to simply make sure you are taking the right steps to protect yourself. At Logic Design, we offer a range of Premium website hosting and Support Packages which will not only protect you from cyber threats, but will insure you just in case. Unlike most well-known hosting providers, we take weekly backups of all of our websites so you are never at risk of losing files. To put you further at ease we have a whole web development team to keep a watchful eye over so you don’t have to!

The internet may indeed be the new frontier, fraught with uncertainty and threats. However unlike the Philae probe, you’re not millions of miles away from the help.

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