"How The Bauhaus Movement Inspired Web Design..."

Bauhaus was a school in Germany combing crafts and fine arts, operating from 1919 to 1933, and has profound influence upon all forms of art to this day.

Bauhaus Movement in Web Design

As is the trend with most movements, Bauhaus is in stark contrast to its predecessors. Gone are the ornate shapes and flamboyant decoration of Art Nouveau, Bauhaus combines design and function.

Merging function and design is echoed in the user experience efforts in web design today.

Web designers rarely build without purpose. We break our websites into layers of style, content and behaviour. Our aim is to provide a “complete design solution”, where form follows function. The visual “impact” should not compromise the functionality of the design (or user journey). Decoration is often deemed unnecessary and should not confuse the visitor of the site or distract them from why they are there.

However, design can also aid the user journey, attracting the user to areas of importance and nudging them through the site using visual aids and symbolism as signposts. Exhibit A of the lessons the Bauhaus movement has taught modern web designers.

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