We’ve talked about making sure your website is Google-pleasingly responsive. That’s sound advice, but what if you want something more?

What if you don’t just want people to visit your site through their mobile device, but actually have a bit of you living inside their phone? For that, my friend, you need an app.

So, what is an app? An app is a piece of software designed to be downloaded and installed onto mobiles and tablets from your device’s specific store, such as Google Play or Amazon.

What can an app do for you?

Varied user experience

This leads to a very different user experience from a website. An app can take advantage of mobile-specific features, such as using the device’s GPS, accessing the camera or making reservations at the touch of a screen. You can make an app more interactive than a mobile website by using your device’s inbuilt technology.

Users can access your app without being online

Your information is saved on their device, so they can use the app without being online. And the kind of skilled website design we provide can also be tailored to designing apps that load impressively quickly.

Stand out from the competition

There’s an app for that, as the saying goes. But that isn’t necessarily true at the small business level. If you’ve got a stylish app that is easy to use, you’re going to stand out from your competitors.

Make a direct connection

You want to remind your app users that their booking is tomorrow? Or you’re having a sale? Then you can let them with a push notification – your application’s icon appears in their status bar and lets them know.

So, do you need an app?

At Logic Design, we’re all about responsive website design first and foremost. But with recent research suggesting people spend 85% of their smartphone time using apps, it’s well worth considering how you can get involved. A mobile app may be your secret weapon.

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