It’s fair to say I’m not a very big fan of snow! However, when it comes to photography you can produce some beautiful images, from snowy landscapes to capturing the frosted cobwebs and icicles.

At the moment our quiet corner of the country is experiencing some arctic conditions,which has caused havoc across the transport networks. Buses, trains and planes have all been struggling with the frozen climate. The delays caused by the snow can cause frustration, not to mention the break downs and being snowed in! Even those of us who travel by foot are not immune, snow is a nuisance in general and it causes all sorts of problems.

Nevertheless, when I have my camera out I am able to see a completely different side to snow. As it falls, it covers everything in a sparkling white blanket and it transforms normally dull subjects into something beautiful! When photographing in the snow I like to look for the contrast in colours, the effect the snow can give you are amazing! I often zoom in for a close up on snow topped trees, frosty buildings and am able to capture detials that you would not normally see.

Althought snow is really annoying and causes huge issues up and down the country, it creates an amazing environment for a photographer to capture!

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