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What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is a web development approach that provides dynamic changes to the layout and appearance of a website depending on the screen size and orientation of the device that you are viewing the website on. Responsive website design addresses issues with appearance and user experience of website designs appearing on a multitude of devices and screen sizes ranging from mobile phones all the way up to cinema screens!

With a huge increase in the use of mobile devices and the ease of internet access using said devices on the increase, more people are choosing to access the internet on the go using their mobile phones and tablets as apposed to the now ‘traditional’ desktop computer. Now is a prime opportunity for business’ to utilise this technology and fully realise the idea of responsive website design on their site.

So why is responsive website design so important?

According to a recent study, by mid 2015 the number of mobile devices worldwide is expected to overtake the number of desktop and laptop computers as the technology we use becomes more and more portable. In light of this recent news, it should be of the utmost importance that businesses nowadays keep up with technological advances and changes or risk being left in the dust of their competitors.

Everyone loves convenience, portability and the internet. Modern mobile phones and tablets provide all three to anyone and everyone who wants it, giving them the easy accessibility that they desire. The problem is though, is your website allowing this accessibility? Is it just as easy to use and access from mobile devices as it is on a desktop/laptop computer? Company websites should, in this technologically advanced age, provide the same user experience and quality across multiple devices and screen sizes. This same principle applies to eCommerce websites; being able to purchase products easily on the go is a very appealing feature to the end user.

Not only is responsive website design allowing quick, simple and easy access to your website, services or products to an ever increasing audience of mobile users, but it will reinforce your online presence and ultimately strengthen your brand with your audience.

In this revolutionary age of mobile websites will you be responding to the demand with responsive website design?

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