Here at Suffolk website design and marketing agency, Logic Design, we’re fiercely proud of our work and nothing makes us happier than when a client is as over the moon about a project as we are.

However we are also strong purveyors of sincerity and wholeheartedly believe that ‘honesty is always the best policy’ when it comes to website design.

You may think our approach goes without saying in any business environment, and whilst this is very true, the short, sharp truth is that website design is all about opinion. There are rules of design that are often unwritten (and sometimes created just to be broken) but in general the criteria for all work is within a certain framework. That being said, we are painfully aware that we can tick every box, dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ as far as website design ‘rules’ dictate and still end up with a concept that is not what the client is looking for.

feedbackFar from being a disaster, this is where fair feedback comes into it’s own. It may well be that a website design we’ve created (that is perfect from our perspective) is utterly incorrect within the parameters of a specific sector. Despite all the in-depth analysis and research we’ve undertaken, we are never going to have the insight into a client’s field that they, with their years of hands-on experience, have.

Current culture seems to dictate that you do anything you can before ever causing offense and so the tendency is to sugar-coat feedback and to allow elements you know to be incorrect to slide. However, here at Logic Design we believe that all website design feedback should be open and honest and that it is very much a two way process, a necessary discussion.

Here at Logic Design we are experts in creating bespoke website design solutions and our design team are well versed in all aspects of website design, both past and present. This means we will always engage in a healthy debate about all areas of your website design and are prepared to challenge any feedback we feel is detrimental to the website’s aesthetics and/or functionality.

A business consultancy called ‘Up to the Light’ recently completed a report into client opinions and thoughts on the website design companies they had employed. They then complied a list of the top five things that those polled dislike most about their agencies. Two of the top five revolved around the issue of honest feedback stating that ‘They don’t challenge me enough’ and ‘They need to be stronger with us’.

In fact, you could argue that four out of the top five points focused on the fact that clients really want to be challenged by their agencies when it comes to discussions about the website design. We would like to think at Logic Design we ensure a relationship is built up between our team and our clients, to the point that an open and honest debate can occur, that trust and dependance flows between both parties.


We are aware that opinion polls like this are always going to be slightly skewed and the cynic in us could view that perhaps the users polled simply wanted more for their money from their website design agency. Nevertheless, we are committed to taking on this advice and want to ensure we, as experts in this field, are stronger and more opinionated when it comes to our website design process.

It’s heartening to see that we’re not alone in this opinion and that, on the whole, clients would agree that for a website design to really achieve it’s full potential, the relationship and feedback has to be collaborative and frank. In conclusion, let’s work together with candor and confidence to refine our website design and ensure it’s the best it can be!

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