The global response to COVID-19 has had significantly impacted all kinds of businesses, both online and offline.

As the situation changes on a daily basis, response time is limited, and a proactive attitude is fundamental.

This pandemic has been powerful enough to change consumer behaviour which has, in turn, affected how businesses work.

How COVID-19 Impacted Business Offline

Negative Consequences for British Retailers

When it comes to retailers, the class brick-and-mortar businesses have been hit the hardest. With strict lockdown measures in place, unless you’re an essential supermarket, there’s a huge risk of UK vendors dying out.

Statistics show that from the start of the pandemic, a number of retailers have experienced negative cashflow. This is now a continuing theme throughout the lockdown. Businesses such as Debenhams, Cath Kidston and Warehouse, amongst others, have announced administration.

Unfortunately, these businesses were struggling anyway but, due to the pressure of Coronavirus, the end of traditional retail was fast-tracked. It is safe to say that retailers’ offline shops have proven to be of great significance to certain businesses.

An Innovative Future

It’s not all bad though. The delivery of products to our door during lockdown has ignited some innovation for the logistics industry. The requirement to minimise physical contact has led some companies to experiment with automation technology for delivering products.

Contactless resolutions could be the future and therefore could prevent significant losses if a situation like this would occur again. Preparation is key in times like these and by tailoring technology to our needs, businesses can still thrive offline. 

How COVID-19 Impacted Business Online

Interruption to Online eCommerce

Although consumer behaviour has dramatically changed since lockdown was put into place, this doesn’t necessarily mean the online eCommerce shops have reaped the benefits. With employees being told to work from home, this also applies to warehouse workers.

Many retailers, manufacturers and production lines have had to shut down in order to protect their staff. With the inability to work from home, this has impacted the supply chain whereby eCommerce shops have closed.

Slowly Bouncing Back

However, over time, some retailers have decided to partially reopen online operations whilst still following government guidelines. By putting extra safety precautions in place, they are able to fulfil orders again.

Plus, businesses with an effective eCommerce site didn’t need to slowly bounce back because they were ready for this pandemic. The importance of an efficient eCommerce online platform is prevalent during this time. Those with an optimised and robust site will have risen above against competitors and have a secure future ahead.

Ongoing Impact of COVID-19

Who knows how this pandemic will affect our lifestyles after it is all over? One thing is for sure though, some groundwork needs to be put in so your business can tackle anything. No matter whether this is online, offline, or both, it is paramount.

With the number of shoppers who have turned to online shopping for essentials, there is no telling to whether those figures will stay that way in the future. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to make sure that your online presence is the best it can be.

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