Dark mode is a feature in both software and websites that changes the background colour to a dark or black colour.

Influenced by Apple’s iOS 13 update back in 2019, design seems to be moving in the direction of low-light interfaces.

Why is Dark Mode Design Increasing in Popularity?

Moving away from the norm and light-on-dark design that has been used for decades, dark mode is increasing in popularity. 2023 will see a lot more of the darker interface, but why?

Dark mode is not just becoming popular in design, but in daily life. It’s no secret that over the years our screen time has increased. We are using screen-based devices in both our work and home life which has encouraged users to switch to low-light.

Reduce the Strain on Our Eyes

Compared to light mode, dark mode is a lot easier on our eyes. Looking at light screens in low light surroundings can result in severe eye strain and fatigue. Therefore, switching to darker screens adds more comfort to the user, especially if they are spending long periods of time online.

Many apps have already adopted the dark mode design and given users the option to toggle between the two interfaces. This is an option for other websites too, giving the user a choice between light and dark, so they can determine what meets their needs better. Yes, this means 2 designs will have to be created but user experience will be enhanced.

Save Your Device Battery

Dark mode is a lot easier on our battery life too. Think about it, if you’re using less light then you obviously need less power to run the software, website or interface on your device. With the increase in screen time, users will want their battery to last longer and dark mode enables this. Therefore, if you utilise dark mode design, users may be more inclined to spend more time on your online presence.

Web Developers Started a Trend

Dark mode has been a constant for web developers. In fact, over 70% of software engineers code on a dark theme integrated development environment (IDE). Most coding text editors use this dark mode theme, so it comes as no surprise this has become a trend in the rest of the online world.

How Does Dark Mode Impact Web Design?

Evokes Power & Authority

Darker hues immediately create a more modern and contemporary feel. The stark difference to the light mode designs we are used to can evoke an authority – a confidence to be unique and go against the grain.

In addition to these powerful feelings, other connotations of a dark colour theme are sophistication, elegance and edge. Therefore, this adds a striking visual appeal and depth when used as the base point for a website design.

Improve Engagement with Colour Contrast

Paired with white and vibrant tones, a dark background makes these colours pop. This is due to the increased colour contrast so, if you are looking to add emphasis to your visual content or your site is particularly image-focused, dark mode design is perfect for you.

Enhanced colour contrast improves engagement as it makes it easier for the user to focus on both visuals and text. The more engaged they are, the longer they will stay on your site. They will actually retain more content at a quicker pace, gain a clearer impression of your business, and are more likely to remember you.

Not sure if you should turn to the dark side? Dark backgrounds aren’t suitable for every website, so it’s best to hire a web design professional to help guide you to your best looking and functioning website.

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