Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the chorus of confused questions, like, where do you start? What do I tell the website design people to do? What is the best way to structure my future website? Where can I get pretty pictures and graphics for my website?

Hey, it’s okay, relax. We’ve got this. We know this stuff. And in the next series of blog posts, we’ll be giving you the information you need to plan your website design project.

You need a plan, my friend

Like any project, you need a plan of action before you actually start a website design project. It’s daunting, sure, but some time spent thinking things through before you even start building your website will saved time on the back end. You’ll appreciate it when halfway through the process you don’t have to scrap everything because you’ve built the website equivalent of one of those ‘You Had One Job’ memes. So what are we going to cover?

Let’s not make assumptions

One of the things we avoid at Logic Design is making assumptions. Clients rarely like it when we make assumptions about what they want from their bespoke website. The best way to avoid assumptions is to have a detailed plan laid out before you take it to a website designer. Next post, we’ll show you how you can get the ideas in your head laid out for the website design team to understand.

From planning to going live

Beyond your initial plan, there are other considerations. Have you thought about a website map? What are the pros and cons of agile management? Where will you get your content from? How will content interact with your design? We’ll be giving you checklists and tips for keeping your website design project running smoothly as we go along, so be sure to check back every week. You’ll be hard pressed to shut us up, frankly, as the one thing we’re all passionate about here is bespoke website design.

Bespoke website design runs in our blood as well as our blog. We really like talking about it, but we also like to listen to what you want from your website, so get in touch on 01284 706842 or email and we’ll start the conversation.

It All Starts With a Conversation

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