There is expansive literature underlying effective Google Adword (Pay-per-click) Campaigns. Today I hope to highlight some ongoing considerations that you ought to bare in mind throughout your Adword marketing campaign.

PPC marketing involves tendering a bid for your website to appear as a paid advert for specific keyword searches, conducted over Google. This can prove extremely expensive and in some instances, liable to incur negative ROI if conducted ineffectively.

Primary Considerations:

1. Generating the best keywords for your target market

  • The best keywords are those that will potentially generate high ‘hits’; appeal to your defined target audience; and limit the number of competitors that will similarly be returned as sponsored adverts alongside yours.
  • This will ensure that your expenditure (*price per bid) is maintained as low as possible and capture your defined target market.

2. Focus on capturing and converting prospective customers

  • Interest does not equate to sales! Limit your ad to prospective customers who are likely to convert. It may seem that I am repeating the former point, however I cannot stress enough that it is not ‘impressions’ that you ought to be looking to attain but rather the appeal to prospects.

3. Does your advertisement entice potential customers to visit your site?

  • Google limits the number of characters that may appear on your advert. Use these wisely!
  • The message ought to be concise; descriptive (outlining your key service(s) or product(s)) and clear.

. Link to site information

  • Your advert ought to link directly to the content the potential customer is looking for.
  • Reference to the keywords will help you make the correct decision.

5. Remember the mantra: Evaluation, Evaluation, Evaluation

  • How effective are the keywords that you are using to advertise your site? Google Analytics will help you here. Try to do this at least every month. I would suggest fortnightly.
  • Where ought the visitor to be directed upon clicking the ad link?
  • How can you decrease your bid spend yet increase your conversion rate of visitor clicks to sales?

Of course Google Adword Campaigns only go as far as to direct targeted traffic to your site, it is then up to your site to capture the visitor’s attention with effective content and design.

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