Last week we spoke about content, today we’re discussing social media. Everyone uses social media.

Even the monks at Gethsemani Abbey – who take a vow of silence – have a Facebook page (it links to their website, which, between you and me, could benefit from our website design expertise).

I’m going to assume that you, like those monks, already use social media in some form or other, and I won’t bore you with the basics. Instead, I’m going to talk about how you can use social media to organically – i.e. without paying – increase traffic to your website.

1 – Add your site URL to your social media profiles

Obvious, sure. But go beyond the basics and add relevant links to different pages of your website. So when you talk up your great industry blog on your Facebook page, throw in a link to your latest post.

2 – It’s all about the #hashtags

Twitter started the whole hashtag thing way back in 2007, and since then it’s spread to Facebook (with limited success) and Instagram (where people hashtag by the tonne). Even Google+ and Pinterest support hashtags.

Hashtags are a valuable way of getting your posts in front of people who don’t follow you, but may be interested in what you have to say. So it’s worth figuring out which hashtags are relevant for your industry. For example, we’ll tweet a link to this blog using the hashtag #socialmediamarketing so anybody searching for that term will find this post.

Research suggests that tweets with one or two hashtags get twice the amount of interactions as a normal tweet, and Instagram posts with ten or more hashtags get the most interaction. So wield your #hashtags accordingly.

3 – Be regular, it’s a Hoot

Pepper a handful of posts throughout the day. Don’t be the spam guy, nobody likes that dude. That’s standard advice, but what if you’re busy with other stuff… like running your business?

Meet Hootsuite, a social media dashboard with free and paid versions. It allows you to – amongst many, many other things – schedule when posts will appear across your whole panoply of social media platforms. Great for loading up a whole week’s worth of posts in one go.

4 – Interact

Social media is a conversation, not you stood on a box with a loudspeaker. Talk to people, reply to comments on Facebook posts. Chat with industry leaders on Twitter. Respond to events as they happen. Retweet people. If someone asks you a question on Facebook, give them a detailed answer, they’ll remember you.

5 – Finally: Stay focussed

All these ideas cost nothing. Except your time. When starting from scratch, scraping together a few Twitter followers, losing a few, gaining a few more, it can feel like a waste of time. But stay focussed, you’ll gradually start to build the foundations of a strong social media presence that will drive traffic to your website.

In the final part of this series we’ll show you how paid social media can turbo boost your website traffic. In the meantime, if you’re after top notch website design, get in touch on 01284 706842 or email

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