The way we look at it is there is website design and then there’s website design and we’re here to tell you the difference…

Let me explain. We have a team of designers here that all have an excellent understanding of how to create good looking media; in this example, its website design. The same principles go in to anything design based whether it’s branding, a brochure or a website; the layout needs to be balanced, creative and consistent throughout and a designer with a good eye for detail will be able to achieve this. So when they create a layout for a website, it would be fair to say this comes under the category “Website Design”.

There is however much more to a website design than purely aesthetics and layout. Yes, these are critical and a bad design will obviously detour potential clients but we should also be thinking about the path a customer is now taking. If we look at a company brochure we would usually have an order of content and some key messages throughout to entice the reader. A website needs to do the same but if anything it’s even more vital. Unlike a brochure where you’re able to flick between pages websites need navigational sign posts to direct us whilst working within the constraints of their surroundings (not everyone will have the same browser or size screen and we need to take this into account). A good website design doesn’t just perform on the visual side but it is always thinking of its purpose. It should present a hierarchy of information to users and be telling customers where to go/what to do next so they don’t get lost.

It may all sound like a storm in a tea cup but this is what our design team do day in, day out. They analyse the overall goals and will come up with creative ideas whilst thinking about the message we’re telling the customer or how the design can help improve their experience beyond the initial judgement of “does it look nice”. And to prove how much of a difference this extra thought makes, Finn our head designer has put together an example showing the same website design but without any real thought into where the content should go or how a user is going to navigate it.

I think it’s safe to say these minor changes don’t affect the look of the website but it does instantly stop it engaging with the end user. If you’re still unconvinced, take a deeper look at the websites you like next time you’re on them and see if it’s more than just the design that you like.

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