Hi, I’m Richard, a 21 year old website developer and the newest addition to Logic’s development team.

Having a great love of technology from an early age, I really wanted to discover more about web development. I began to teach myself web development in my free time, researching and learning more about the web industry. As I progressed in my understanding of HTML, PHP and Javascript I decided that this was the route I wanted to pursue.

After school I decided to dive straight into the deep end and head straight for the web industry – I applied for a role at a local web design agency and was fortunate enough to be selected for the position. After a few years of experience, with multiple projects now under my belt I made the transfer to Logic Design!

I’m thoroughly enjoying my time as a developer here at Logic Design,  expanding my knowledge of the web as well as developing sensational sites with the team.

Go ahead and say hello! You can contact me at hello@logicdesign.co.uk

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