"How to Increase Your Site Speed"

User experience relies heavily on site speed. It is commonly known that our attention spans are not what they once were and website visitors are quickly becoming impatient. If your site takes longer than two seconds to load, you need to make some serious improvements.

Here’s why you should increase your site speed and how.

Why is Site Speed So Important?

Deliver the Best First Impression

The first thing visitors notice when they go to your website isn’t the design, it’s how quickly it loads. If your website loads fast, that’s an instant win. If your website loads slowly, you’ve got some trust building to do further down the line – if visitors decide to stay. Fast websites hold connotations of responsibility and confidence, giving your visitors a professional and reliable first impression.

Meet Visitor Expectations

Technology has evolved and we now expect results and data in real-time. No matter where they are browsing or what devices they’re browsing on, visitors expect and demand fast loading times. Living in a fast-moving world, websites have got to keep up and provide results in the fastest possible way.

Experience Long-term Effects of Slow Site Speed

As mentioned above, site speed significantly impacts user experience. If a user does not experience fast loading times when they first visit your site, it is very likely they will not return. They will immediately search for an alternative and if they have a fast site speed, they will choose their business over yours. This will have a negative long-term effect on your visitor numbers and other aspects, like backlinks, newsletter sign-ups and social media following.

Google Measures Site Speeds

When it comes to ranking websites, Google takes into account website load speed. Although it only really affects super slow site speeds, in particular ones that are slower than two seconds, it’s still an important factor to consider. Search engine optimisation helps to ensure the internet is quick, easily accessible and useful, and site speed is an important factor.

What Improvements Can I Make to Increase My Site Speed?

Compress Your Images & Videos

Images and videos are the main culprits of slow site speeds; the more images and videos you place on each page, the longer it will take to load. This is where you need to get the right balance between design and user experience. Here are some tips to remember when choosing media for your website:

  • Resize your photos according to the parameters of the design
  • Use JPG image format for all images; only use PNG when transparency is necessary
  • Use compression tools to compress all images and videos to reduce the file size as much as possible
  • Limit the number of total assets on each page to reduce the overall size
  • Embed videos using third party hosting platforms

Use Browser Caching

Browser caching remembers previously loaded resources, like images, data, logos and footers, so it doesn’t have to reload them with every new visitor. This saves a lot of time, allowing your website to load faster whilst decreasing your server load.

Fix Every Broken Link

What happens when you click on a link, and it goes straight to a 404 error? You leave that website and go to find another. Site speed is still an issue here because visitors wait for your site to load only to be welcomed with an error. By fixing all your broken links, you guarantee users will not only reach your website but quickly too.

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP uses an open-source format to remove unnecessary content, so your mobile pages load faster. No matter what device your visitors are accessing your website from, it’s important to recognise page loading speeds across all of them.

Employ an Expert Web Design Agency

All in all, if your website is not fast, it’s not going to be seen. It’s as simple as that and this isn’t going to change any time soon. With user getting less and less tolerant of slow websites, it’s more important than ever to have a quick site speed.

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