Hi there! My name is Matt Reynolds and I am 19 years old. I am studying a bachelor’s degree at the University Campus Suffolk, in Graphic Design and am currently completing an internship at Logic Design.

My first experience of Graphic Design was during my GCSE’s at upper school. I was drawn to the subject as by the idea of creating visual masterpieces for all to see! I felt I could pursue this as a career, I enjoying working on projects and particularly the creative element of creating new and exciting ideas. As the years of education flew by I started to gain a feel for web design. This area of design quickly became a core strength for me, the precise nature of web design suits my personal style.

I first came across Logic Design through the University Campus Suffolk, when we had the chance to design the front cover for Bounce magazine. This was my chance to get into the design industry, and I needed to work hard to get myself noticed. The Bounce magazine project was an industry-set competition against classmates, to win the opportunity to get your work out into the ‘real world’.

bounceI didn’t want the magazine to look the same as everyday magazines, I wanted it to have a simple, yet unique feel to it, and I needed to have a USP. My style of work is to be precise, to have a clean-cut design, and nothing over complicated. I researched through many inspirational ideas, this gave me a starting platform, in which to bring the front cover to life. To get myself noticed I had to give something different in terms of the design. The unique idea I focused upon was simply; a rectangle! Although this sounds like a small aspect, it gave the design a different outlook compared to the other magazines and helped me stand out from the crowd.

On reflection, if I had to chance to re-do the project again I would spend more time in the internal layouts, to ensure that the strong solution I created for the front cover continued as a running theme all the way through every page.

By winning the competition, I was given my first experience of working alongside a design company, this was such a great opportunity! I was excited of the prospect of gaining valuable design experience, and seeing whether I could step up, to design within a professional environment. This initial placement really assisted my progress and I learnt valuable tips in how to improve my work, and take it to that next level. On a practical level; I learned about key features which perhaps I had overlooked within design programs, previously. Overall this experience has really helped my designs to become more polished, and ensure that, visually, they are of a higher quality.

The skills I learnt were put into practice when designing various logos, print layouts, stationery and web designs. One of the best tips I’ve learnt is that going straight into a design program isn’t always the solution – that drawing out your design thoughts first, is a more suitable way to explore a concept. I have also learnt how important typography is to a design, and how much of an influence it can have. Through these lessons, and many others, I feel my work has only become stronger.

Logic Design have given me an opening into the design industry, to further refine my work, and gain essential experience for the future. It has been nothing short of fantastic in terms of design experience and a working environment. The team are always very professional and producing great designs for various different businesses, and this something I am taking inspiration from.

The team have been a vital part to my development as a designer, and my confidence as a person. I’m thoroughly enjoying working for Logic Design, and hopefully long may it continue!

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