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Call to actions within website design are the golden ticket to a successful website. Here are a few tips and hints, on effective Call to action within your website design and some of the rules of thumb we adhere to, to get the best results online.

The ability to get what you want your site to do, either to create a purchase, enquiry or newsletter sign up are all part of the user journey. This is the main aim of your site, to get people to react to certain prompts on your site. Its important to bear this in mind when planning a website where people are going to click, and how to plan each page to make sure that people are enquiring or buying.

Call to Action in Website Design

Top and Tail

Its important to top and tail your site, making sure you put important Call to actions in the Header and Footer, this maximises the options available to your viewer. When designing the website its vital to make sure that the Call to actions throughout the website are of paramount importance. Remember that if you place call to actions within the header and footer these will be seen on each page throughout the site. Consistency is key in website design and as people we respond to order and rigidity when it comes to digesting large amounts of information.

Big and Bold Call to Actions

Keep it big and bold, make sure the buttons are visible, often by using an Accent colour to highlight where your user is meant to click. Depending on the general style of your site, you may want to pick a colour from your overall brand, or a particular font to highlight call to action areas.

Put yourself in your visitors shoes

Overall, try and put yourself in your customers shoes, whats relevant to them? What info do they want to know, and direct them to it. Highlight the most important parts of your website with call to action buttons. What do you want your visitor to action on your site? For example if you are working with an ecommerce website make sure you place buttons beneath products, or if a simple brochure site highlight contact details, email addresses, or Newsletter Sign ups.

Keep it neat and Tidy

Don’t overpower your website with a mass of buttons, its more about the placement rather that the amount. A precisely placed button is more effective than a bombardment of buttons. Its more about drawing people to that button, rather than giving your visitor a whole load of options to click.

So there it is in a nutshell, simple rules of thumb that are followed within website design. When it comes to planning your website keep these points in mind!

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