What would we do without WordPress nowadays? As one of the most popular and powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) around, it’s been a God send to loads of businesses launching their websites. Managed WordPress Hosting is near enough essential to users of WordPress as it is an exclusive hosting account, with an optimised server that is tailor-made for this CMS.

Although it may seem like a limitation that Managed WordPress Hosting can only run WordPress, the hardware that is specifically made for WordPress websites results in the best performance for your website, bringing your customer experience and Google ranking up. The page load speed is reduced and allows more traffic to come through with less issues – be careful with some Managed WordPress Hosting companies, however, as they may limit the number of visitors to your website before you have to start paying additional charges.

More than just website hosting

As well as hosting, this option provides WordPress expertise right on your doorstep, so problems can be solved quickly and efficiently. Even though someone else will technically be managing your website’s server, the first class support you receive from the experts, and the straightforward hosting control, makes it all worthwhile. For example, they can identify which plug-ins need to be removed due to security reasons, and normally replace them with their own services.

Reliability and responsibility

It is true that some Managed WordPress Hosting companies share servers, but they are more reliable by sharing with only a small number of other sites, reducing the possibility of websites going down. There is no migration hassle, so the move from your old server to a Managed WordPress Hosting server is hassle-free, and the wellbeing of your website is guaranteed with their increased security protocols.

The hands-on approach

Regular malware scans and bug fixes ensure that your website is constantly running to the best of its ability, as well as providing daily backups and automatic updates. With one-click restores, your backups can be easily found and undamaged if something goes wrong – with shared hosting, this is more difficult to achieve. Managed WordPress Hosting is more proactive and updates your whole server as well as WordPress itself, to make certain that you have the latest and most secure versions of the things you need.

Go big or go home

Managed WordPress Hosting sounds like the perfect package deal, but with bigger benefits comes a bigger price tag. Comparing it to some of the shared hosting deals out there, Managed WordPress Hosting comes up a lot pricier which may not suit a small non-profit website. However, if you are a growing company that needs to upgrade, then Managed WordPress Hosting is cheaper than hiring an individual to do all the jobs that this option supplies.

At the end of the day, the aim of this specialised hosting and server provider is to make you happy, so it is definitely worth the extra pennies.

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