Written content is one of the most important elements of your web presence, serving multiple different purposes which benefit your brand.

It gives you the ability to attract new clients by communicating your individual message, therefore, establishing yourself amongst other businesses. Once new consumers are on your website, product and service descriptions can have the power of persuasion to result in conversions.

A vital part in the customer journey, but these aspects of written content also apply to search engines too. Your rankings are determined by whether you have good quality content or not; if it is poor quality, Google will be unsure about what to rank the specific page for, therefore, resulting in lower rankings.

What does good quality content mean though?

The first thing you should always think about is your audience – you are writing for human readers, not for search engines. Yes, keywords are good to use in order to gain a higher ranking, but there is always the risk of severe repetition and poor readability which leads to low quality content. By focusing on a specific topic, you are able to include enough keywords without overdoing it.

The tone of voice that you should apply when writing depends on your target audience too. Don’t use technical language if you are trying to appeal to newcomers to the industry, but use specific vocabulary if you are targeting experienced consumers. Generally, clients want to read something that is relatable and applicable to them, and that addresses familiar, real life problems.

Write about interesting and helpful topics that will keep visitors coming back. By finding a new angle, you will create completely original content which both consumers and search engines love. Use your content as your main marketing strategy by regularly producing valuable text through blog articles, news feeds, and social media. With good quality content, you are able to accomplish high rankings through SEO, establish your brand’s field expertise and build strong relationships with customers.

Good quality content is a powerful tool for any sized company; if you want to discuss your copywriting needs, talk to one of our experts today about what services we can provide for you. Contact on 01284 706842 or hello@logicdesign.co.uk.

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