In Bury St Edmunds (the sleepy brewing town)
between terrace and park, one digital marketing agency is found.

This haven goes by the name of Logic Design.
The bright orange furniture is often the sign,

that you’ve stumbled upon exactly the place,
where creativity and ingenuity often will grace.

But look in the window when you’re passing today,
you’ll see no designers or developers at play.

No longer babbling with hubbub and noise,
instead of Mac and PC we’re off playing with toys.

Leaving on the 21st of December, full of festive cheer
they have locked up the studio until the New Year.

So the office is shut, till the 2nd Jan,
when we will return with a brand new year to plan.

New projects and clients, to fill up the day,
to amaze and excite with designs in array.

So after the festivities, when you’ve had your all,
why not get on the phone and give us a call?

Merry Christmas to all of friends, clients and neighbours!

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