Everyone knows that first impressions count, and this includes your company website.

What to look for when considering a website update

There are no set rules or time limits, but here are some questions to figure out if it is time to review and update your web presence:

Could your website design be considered as out of date?

With trends constantly changing, it is difficult to keep up but if you get stuck in the past, visitors will think that your business is stuck too. It is good practice to have a regular revamp so you can keep up to date with the styles as well as your competitors.

Has your company focus shifted?

Over the years, the services that you provide may have changed which will ultimately affect your target audience. You have to make sure that you keep your content up to date with what you offer, as well as other features such as resources and imagery. If you require a rebranding, this should also be updated on your website design immediately.

Do you regularly update the content on your website?

It is extremely important to keep all of your content up to date on your website, not only to keep your customers well-informed but to show search engines that your website it still active and relevant. Review your website regularly to see if there are any opportunities to update, add or expand any content areas.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, this is a sure sign that it is outdated. Since Google has introduced mobile-first indexing, It is essential to have a responsive design and to adhere to its updated algorithms if you want high rankings. If visitors access your website on a mobile device and it isn’t mobile-friendly, it is extremely likely they will move onto a competitors site instead.

Is your website fast enough?

Nowadays, people do not have the patience for slow websites so your site speed needs to reflect the fast-paced lives of society; Google favours speedy websites too, so having slow loading speeds will damage your rankings. By updating your old programming on your website it can minimise the risk of visitors leaving your website and your Google ranking decreasing. In an age where SEO is more important than ever, can you really afford the drop in rankings?

Reviewing and updating your website doesn’t necessarily mean a complete redesign, it may just need a few tweaks and alterations which can make just as much of an impact and a difference!

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