Marketing trends are constantly changing and recently there has been a shift from the traditional approach of outbound marketing to inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing techniques directly approach consumers and push your message out there using traditional methods, like print advertising and telemarketing. Inbound is the complete opposite method of marketing that persuades consumers to come to you off their own accord, by using tactics like blogging, social media and content marketing.

Here are some of the core differences between outbound and inbound marketing:

Interruption Marketing Vs. Permission Marketing

Outbound marketing can be known as ‘interruption marketing’ because it is seen as quite forceful. When the marketer is in charge of the subject, timing and channel of interaction, it leaves the consumer no choice but to be faced with their product or service.

Nowadays, buyers prefer to be in control and with inbound marketing techniques, consumers will find them when they are intentionally looking. Only when they explicitly show an interest, will they engage with them; inbound marketing is also known as ‘permission marketing’ for this reason.

Expensive Vs. Cost-Effective

The costs that are attached to outbound marketing methods are a lot higher than inbound marketing tactics. Printing, mailing and advertising across various multimedia channels can be very expensive, especially when used as your regular marketing technique.

Content marketing strategies and utilising social media platforms is a much more cost-effective alternative. If you are able to do it yourselves that’s great, but by outsourcing these services you are able to save time as well as money.

One-Way Communication Vs. Two-Way Communication

By pushing your message out there using outbound marketing strategies, you are not giving your consumers the option to interact with you. One-way communication prevents people from reacting because they are unable to respond, which may end up with them trying to avoid you in the future.

Using social media platforms and blog posts gives your customers the ability to react and respond, therefore creating a two-way communication channel. This is a huge benefit of inbound marketing because it allows consumers, old and new, to become engaged in your brand whilst being completely in control.

Outbound marketing isn’t completely ineffective as different companies benefit from different digital marketing strategies, but it is definitely being utilised a lot less. Inbound marketing is more popular and a lot easier and quicker to use for businesses, which is why it has become somewhat of a necessity nowadays.

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