Ryan Farrow

My names Ryan and I’m the new Graphic Designer joining the team at Logic Design. On my journey here I have been a chef, night club supervisor, product photographer, email designer, website designer and creator of a YouTube channel to name a few.

My first love of design came from using Adobe Photoshop in college, and seeing the power and potential of what was possible. I have since used Photoshop for nearly 15 years and though I have learnt a lot, as any Photoshop user will tell you, you will never know it all.

I also started teaching myself photography not long after finding Photoshop as a way of having original content to work on which landed me my first job in the digital industry as a product photographer. During this role I estimate I have shot upwards of 700+ products and this then lead to product videos.

Over time I built up a portfolio that managed to catch the eye of the Greene King digital team which lead to me joining the team as a digital designer working on many brands such as Loch Fyne, Hungry Horse and Belhaven.

The role at Greene King relocated up north, but before the department moved I was lucky enough to discover Logic Design. Since February I have the chance to work within many different industries and really put my many skills to good use. The fast paced nature of agency work has really helped me to hone my skills in quality and speed but the main thing I have learnt is being able to listen to clients and not hear what they are saying, but hear what they want and providing things above and beyond what they had thought possible for their brand.

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