"SEO Tips: why we rank for "Website Design Ipswich""

Getting to the top of Google for a specific phrase can be hard. Really hard. Even with trustworthy SEO tips, its difficult to know where to start.

We all try to understand what our competitors are doing, what’s benefiting them and how to beat them. However, there’s something else that contributes massively to how your business can run on a day-to-day basis. What’s that exactly?

In one word; Google.

How SEO impacts your business

Ok, so Google’s algorithms aren’t out to sabotage your business, although they will be interested to know all about it. As the world’s most used search engine – StatCounter.com reported a 92% share in March 2019 – it is more crucial than ever to appease the higher powers and optimise your website.

Google’s main intention is to improve search results for their users and reduce the amount of “spam websites” that get indexed. This is why you must never rest with SEO – retaining rankings can prove just as difficult. By updating search algorithms they hope to achieve perfection and avoid people finding glitches in the system. Likewise with most other software updates, they are badged with names – some more important ones being Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird.

One of the big talking points with Penguin 2.0, in particular, was its local search results. In a bid to provide more relevant results, searches now show local companies instead of national ones, where previously you’d find the “big players” in each industry every time.

This has lead to a flock of digital marketers and SEOs posting SEO tips alongside a “recipe for success.” However, like you, we always take their hints with a pinch of salt.

In short, Local SEO can have a huge impact on how often your phones are ringing, how many times you receive an email or gain a warm business lead. It’s a huge factor into online “sales” and you should definitely give it a go.

Why SEO Tips are worth listening to

It’s worth noting that every industry and website is different.

You can see this by searching most professional services. Try searching for a Tree Surgeon and you’ll almost certainly find a sole trader around the corner from your house, whereas “Website Design” shows something very different.

SEO Tips are worth listening to, though. Just take a look at our location – we’re not actually based in Ipswich (we’re very close, though!) This is a result of 2 factors:

  1. Google has figured out that our location is close to Ipswich. Due to our domain authority and positive Google Review score, it then decides we’re a good fit for those searching for a new bespoke website.
  2. We’ve been undertaking some Local SEO practices, such as citation building. This allows Google to understand we’re an active, local web design agency.

We should also mention that, as of April 2019, our website hasn’t been properly optimised for “Website Design Ipswich.” Just like we haven’t optimised for any other location we’re not phyiscally based in – Plymouth, Paris, Peru… you get the idea. It’s part of a longer term strategy, though. To appear for the keyphrase Website Design Ipswich is something we’re looking to consolidate.

Is National Organic SEO Sustainable?

Depending on where you’re based, the Logic Design website tends to ranks highly for the generic term “website design.” It describes a main service and, although we’re not location specific, our localised authority allows us to rank. Our clients are based across the UK (and some from Europe too), so it would appear we’re rather lucky to hold a good ground on the industry. Realistically, though, its been years of hard work and networking that has allowed you to find us today.

Is trying to optimise for a generic term sustainable though?

I’d suggest this isn’t the case for some industries. The competition within the web design industry, for example, is far too saturated and this is why we undertake local SEO.

Perhaps you’re reading this as a “big player” in your industry – hello! – and you’re lucky enough to rank for keywords without any local SEO practices? We’d congratulate you on your hard work over the years. However, Local SEO is definitely a useful tool for gaining sales, for businesses of ALL sizes.

What you can do to improve your website’s SEO reach

This brings us to a second point. What do you have to do to appear as a local company, even if you aren’t based there? And what can you do to get a foothold if you are, perhaps, a start-up business?

There are a number of exercises you can go through to appease Local SEO requirements. Likewise, a few local SEO tips and tricks you can undertake to get ahead of the game.

First of all, we should remind you that you get back what you put into your SEO. If you spend an hour or two making small changes to your content, the likelihood is that you won’t get anywhere fast. However, put in a few hours per week and you should start to see some results a bit sooner.

Location-based landing pages / blog articles

Firstly, though it may seem taxing at the start, we’d recommend taking the time to create some location-based landing pages. What we’d describe as “location-based” is an incredibly specific piece of content that a user would find if they were to type a keyword, followed by a location. I.e. Website Design (keyword) Ipswich (location).

Having a piece of content dedicated to a location will allow you to focus more generic SEO efforts into your top level landing pages. Your target audience for these landing pages should pick up the content as a result of the specificity of your content and…

Meta Data Optimisation

…your Meta data. Meta data, what we’re defining as your Meta Title & Description, is the first point of sale for your user online.

SEO Tips - Meta Data

If you’re like us and you use the Yoast SEO plugin, changing your Meta data couldn’t be easier. It is simply best practice to use a plugin like Yoast – it is as easy as scrolling to the bottom of your editing page and clicking “edit Snippet”.

The benefits of optimised meta data include:

  1. A well written meta title and description improves your page ranking with search engines quickly
  2. Each are easily customisable pieces of text. If you change your meta title and it isn’t working, it is possible to do more research and changing the content.
  3. You have a chance to optimise for more than one keyword with the use of meta descriptions

Guest Posting

Another slightly more time-consuming opportunity is guest posting.

Guest posting is where you, the writer, has an opportunity to post a blog article to another webmaster’s website. Guest Posts are often generic, very click-bait happy and will always feature a link to the writer’s website.

With a well-chosen guest posting website, you tick a number of SEO boxes. Try searching “[your location] business “guest post.” The websites that show up should appear to you as opportunities to get a good backink, as well as increase brand awareness in your local area.

Hopefully the tips above provide you with a little bit more of an insight into local SEO although we insist that, if you have any questions, you get in touch with us today! We’re a friendly team of skilled individuals based in Suffolk, near Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich. We’re always happy to provide assistance with your SEO requirements.

It all starts with a conversation, so we’d love to hear from you. Our Services include Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design and we also specialise in Web Development & Hosting. Tell us about your upcoming projects and we’ll ensure they’re a digital success.

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