Running a blog may seem like an out-dated form of posting and sharing information, but this (easily overlooked) format has many benefits.

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter now appear much more important to our online interactions and marketing efforts to reach out to our audience. Social media is great, but if this is your main focus you are missing out on the massive benefits that blogs have to offer. By focusing more time on quality content creation for your business’ blog, you will find that your presence on social media will gradually fall into place alongside it.

So, what is a blog?

A blog is simply a collection of articles, much like a journal or a scrapbook, written in the context of a specific subject matter, generally your business industry. It is a means to express yourself and your business, inform followers, update viewers and link to specific content with relevant and regularly updated articles. These content rich articles can then be shared via social media to your followers, indexed on Google through specific keywords, provide inbound links to your website and aid in improving your search ranking. Can your Facebook and Twitter posts do all that?

How can my website benefit from a blog?

Here at Logic Design, your Suffolk Website Design and Marketing Agency, we believe websites are not something to create, build, populate and then leave alone to stagnate with static content. Great websites are like a living thing, they should have room to develop, grow and expand. A blog is the perfect solution to keeping your content fresh and up to date whilst connecting with your audience. Allowing your website to grow by regularly providing it with more keyword rich and optimised content that would otherwise not be on your website.

Establish yourself as an industry leader, share your knowledge and views, update your audience with the latest happenings in your business and the industry itself, answer FAQ’s – aim to be the ‘go to guy’ for industry information, provide solutions to issues in the industry, express new ideas and reap the benefits of being a known name in your field.

Running and managing a blog through your website can be one of the most valuable tools you can have to engage with existing and potential customers. Not only to keep your site looking up to date and active or adding a more personal interaction between you and the customer but it will provide a whole host of benefits for increasing traffic to your website and your search rankings if executed properly.

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