"Tilt, swipe, tap, resize. Adaptive Website Design"

Website design is changing, obviously, it has to, that’s design, always new, always fresh, always different.

Design never stands still and neither do we who view them, everythings on the move.

Tilting, swiping, tapping, – these functions are rapidly replacing the click and drag culture we’ve been so used to. Lets face it, the touch screen mobile phone has revolutionised the world, then slap 4G mobile internet into the mix and you’ve got information literally everywhere – on the move, even in “sleepy Suffolk!”

Mobile First Website Designs

Ultimately the way designers need to think is changing – we need to think mobile.

More and more people want information quicker and more efficiently, information beamed directly to the eyeballs in the fastest way possible. In this tap and swipe culture website design is changing. New technologies, new ideas, new grids and new mobile phones have given designers a whole new canvas, doing what we love and applying it across a whole range of screens is now essential.

Never has design been so relevant in todays world, information is more accessible, anyone can Tweet, Whatsapp, Facebook and Google Plus absolutely anything, the mobile has opened up easily accessible information wherever you are.

So if mobile phones are so important, perhaps as designers we need to think from the phone up, and instead of downscale to mobile we upscale to desktop computer? Will the site function well enough on mobile to then work efficiently enough on the desktop? I have found a great example of this thinking in action: www.latitudefestival.com The Lattitude festival has just ended, but their website is a great example of adaptive Website Design . This is a site which has been designed with the mobile in mind, go on – reduce the size of the web browser now, see how the site all stacks down? This is what us website designers call “Responsive/Adaptive website design”. Fun, isn’t it?

Just think of the amount of people who will be online, on mobiles and looking for information on the festival, people demanding this information on their mobiles.

The website from a design point of view looks quite basic, with large areas of text and with use of great photography throughout. In all honesty it’s all you need, for the type of event this is, you know what to expect, music, many beers and possible sunburn from the scorching heat we had two weekends ago. People need to perhaps know the lineup, and access other information quickly on the move and that’s pretty much it..

Browser and Mobile Web Designs – Responsive Website Design

User Interface:

Website design is vital in terms of creating a clear simple message for your customer to digest. Its vital to make sure that your site visitors are converted into customers and invest in your business. It’s essential that you have a site which responds to mobile devices and can be read in miniature. As designers at Logic Design we’ve been challenging ourselves to think like website developers, filling our minds not only full of fonts and colours but also in terms of how the site would be built and how this transpires on mobile. So like our developer friends who sit just across the desk from us, we are prepared for any eventuality and equipped to overcome any difficult website task that’s set before us. Let’s not forget though development team – we all now who will win if we have a font face-off competition – Design.

Here at Logic Design our website designers and website developers work as one compact team. We therefore work together hand in hand on your website project together, which means we get the aesthetical benefits of the designer mixed with the sensible user journey of your developer, making sure that you receive the perfect website for your company.

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