We’ve successfully integrated Vebra Live and WordPress.

VebraLive is a core piece of software used by estate agents; it acts as a central database for all the properties managed by an estate agency, which are then in turn, updated across your organisation and on third party websites such as Zoopla; RightMove and PrimeLocation.

WordPress is the preferred content management system used by millions of websites across the internet and we love it too! It’s easy to use and performs very well with search engines.

Up until now, estate and property letting agencies have had few options open to them when it comes to updating properties that appear on their website and third party websites; the two that we have identified are both ineffective and antiquated:

  • Commonly, estate and letting agents have been required to separately update their database for their own website and the individual database that exists on VebraLive; this frequent process takes a great deal longer than it should and is frankly antiquated.
  • Alternatively, the second option would involve locating a specialist property website design agency; they can be hard to locate and they already have their own content management software which comes with a hefty price tag!

So what’s the problem with Option II?

BEWARE, their software will not be ‘Open Source’– this means that the software will soon become outdated and ineffectual as it will not evolve and self-update alongside continuing developments that occur on the internet. For example, when browsers update, overtime, more elements within the software will fail because they will no longer be able to effectively communicate with the browser that visitors use to access your website.

Furthermore, these specialist property website design agencies will ultimately keep you locked-in to their expensive software licence as no other agency will have access to the ‘Source-code’, which is used to maintain your website. Essentially, you will not be allowed to change providers, or for that matter- ever truly own what you have paid for!

Our integrated WordPress advancement will mean that when you conjoin your property website with VebraLive, you will not suffer the burdens that the two existing options entail. It is straightforward; will save you lots of valuable time so you can concentrate on finding homes for customers; you will not be tied-in with us and it can be completed within a few clicks!

To find out more, contact us on (01284) 706842, or ping us over an email to hello@logicdesign.co.uk

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