Here at Logic Design, your Suffolk Website Design and Marketing Agency, we will tailor the design and development process of your project to your specific needs, it just depends on what you need us to do.

Utilising both Waterfall and Agile processes, we can ensure that your website design project runs as smoothly as possible.

Do go chasing waterfalls

Waterfall is all about the plan. Lots of upfront planning, drawing diagrams, estimating a timeframe, working out a budget. It’s all about getting a fairly rigid framework for a website design project that can be presented to a client. This means the estimated cost and timeframe can be known in advance.

This level of planning means the project isn’t reliant on just one member of our design team.

Once the planning has been done, then it’s all about shutting the office door, closing the blinds, and conjuring a website from those detailed plans. Then launching it onto the choppy sea of the internet.

So, agile or waterfall?

It really depends on what you need from us. Maybe you need to update your old website, whilst keeping most of the information. A solid plan based on an agreed website design may be all you need to trust us to get the job done, meaning waterfall is the way forward.

But a project where things may evolve as we delve deeper into what you need from your website, with extra elements such as a building a mobile site or extra payment options, may mean going agile is better at adapting to your needs.

So, we can be agile, or we can follow the flow of the waterfall. It just depends on what you need us to do.

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