Domino’s have announced that over 600,000 French & Belgian customer records were stolen by hackers last week.

Audaciously, hackers responsible for the latest high-profile cybercrime have demanded a ransom of £24,000 from Domino’s by 8pm (CET) today. It is understood that failure to pay shall be met by publishing the stolen data.

This is by no means an isolated incident. We hear of high-profile hackings in the press on a monthly basis, but there is also a growing concern closer to home for small to medium sized business owners too. Their websites may not be high-profile, however the danger of data compromise is just as real a threat as it is to high street chains.

In an age where the transition to digital automation is the preferred trend, we ought to question what we can do to ensure our customer’s personal details are kept safe from potential hackers. Ecommerce websites that facilitate and generate sales can be bolstered through the use of SSL certificates. In essence, an SSL certificate not just provides a mark of authenticity for your website by validating your address, it also ensures the communication between the end user and the website is secure.

We should not forget that brochure websites also very often request the submission of sensitive information, even if that is the sending of enquiry forms, because afterall, this will still contain an individual’s personal data. Data encryption and/ or an SSL certificate for your brochure website would also be advised for this purpose.

The very basics such as trustworthy premium hosting and a reliable support team of techies in the event that any issues are experienced are also very important prerequisites when planning your website’s security.

Let us consider for a second the permutations of what a security breach could spell for your website and business. What data could potential hackers steal from your website? How would customers or clients react in the event that their data was stolen? The conclusion is crystal-clear, security is, and will continue to be a big priority for any business, particularly those that exist entirely online.

We are but a few hours away from seeing how this latest high-profile security breach will play out. Who knows, Domino’s are likely to refuse to pay the ransom of £24k, but who knows, perhaps they would consider ‘paying’ the pizza equivalent (that is 2001 Large Margareta Pizzas if you were wondering!).

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