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We’ve been talking about responsive website design recently like it’s going out of fashion. Which it isn’t, quite the opposite – but every website’s needs are different.

At Logic Design we consider what will work best for our client’s individual needs. Sometimes there’s another choice for website design, besides responsive, and that’s adaptive.

Just what is adaptive website design?

Unlike responsive, adaptive website design uses multiple layouts for different screen sizes. If you access an adaptive site from a mobile, you’ll see a different version than if you visit from a desktop. There might be a different version again if you visit the site from a tablet.

Why this could work for you

What if you like your olde worlde pre-responsive website?

One of the issues people find with responsive website design is that if you can’t just make your old site responsive, you have to tear it all down and start again.

What if your old website did everything you need it to do? Or you just really, really like it? Then you might want to consider adaptive website design, which allows you to keep your old site, and just build a different version for mobile access.

Specialising, rather than generalising

Imagine a corporate car rental company website. Customers mostly book their transport from workplace desktops. However, they then use their mobile phone to track details of when and where they’ll collect their rental vehicle, whilst on the move. The mobile version of the site takes advantage of the phone’s GPS to help people find their rental cars. Using adaptive, this company can take advantage of how customers interact with their services on various devices, rather than generalising their website across the board.

Reach the world

If you want to reach people in the developing world, or even your dad with the big old phone he keeps in a holster on his belt, it means creating content that can be viewed on non-smartphones. With adaptive website design, it’s easy to make this happen.

Responsive is industry standard these days, but it isn’t the only sheriff in town. When you’re thinking about who you want to reach with your website, it’s always worth weighing up the options, adaptive or responsive. Both have a place.

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