To truly know what you want your website to be, you must first understand yourself.

That’s the kind of zen statement a sensei might make whilst balanced on a log, if that sensei was involved in website design.

We’re more desk-based here at Logic Design, your Suffolk Website Design and Marketing Agency, but it does help to take a step back sometimes. Figure out who you are, and most importantly, what you’re trying to achieve with your website. So, what do you know about yourself?

What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve with your website? Here are some common ones:

Maybe you want all of the above. Knowing your goals will help our website design team plan the best possible site for you.

Who is your audience?

Or, who are your customers? Who might like your website ? If you don’t know, then consider carrying out some market research, or analysing who visits your existing site – if you have one.

Google has good analytic software, and we can carry out deeper research for you too, as part of the website design process. Knowing who is interested in what you offer is key to expanding your audience, market share and sales.

Who are your enemies?

Competitors, enemies. Call them what you will, but with the internet crammed with websites of all stripes, you’re going to find someone else offering a service, or filling a niche similar to yours.

So do some research. If you make bespoke dog-coats with little shark fins on top, then have a look at your dozen or so competitors. Try out their sites. Maybe even buy something. Get a feel for the process. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong?

Put yourself in the position of potential customer. Would you buy from their website? Is it easy to use? Does it feel warm and welcoming? Does it seem trustworthy? Does it look cheap? Are you spotting trends amongst your competitors? What could you do that makes you stand out?

That’s where we come in. Because we’re good at making you stand out from your competitors, and for the right reasons. We can create an elegant, modern and easy to use bespoke website design that fits your needs. If you want to know how we can make that happen, get in touch on 01284 706842 or email and we’ll make your dream website design a reality.

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