WordPress has dominated the field of Content Management Systems (CMS) for years now. It has completely evolved to meet our needs with the ability to publish anything, from a blog article to an extensive portfolio or an eCommerce shop. These capabilities mean that your site is an incredibly valuable asset that should be looked after. Managed WordPress hosting nurtures your WordPress website and ensures it is running smoothly.

Everything You Need to Know About Managed WordPress Hosting

What Is It?

Managed WordPress hosting is an exclusive hosting account with an optimised server that is tailor-made for the WordPress CMS. It also includes specific WordPress support and website management services.

A WordPress website hosting provider consists of a specialist team that knows WordPress inside-out. You can leave the managing of your website to them, so you can focus on running your business. It is both time- and cost-effective outsourcing these capabilities to the experts.

What Features Are Commonly Included?

Although different providers will offer different services, these are the most common features that are on offer.

Automatically Managed Updates

Managed WordPress Hosting with the right company is proactive, updating PHP, software and WordPress itself on a whole-server basis. This makes certain that the latest and most secure versions are securing every aspect of your website.

Some hosting providers also monitor how every update affects your site, making sure that it is still running smoothly and fixing any issues if necessary. By maintaining essential updates, your site will be more secure, so you don’t have to worry.

Regular Backup Procedures

Guaranteed regular backup procedures are more efficient and more reliable. Daily backups are a safety blanket if serious security-related or human error-related problems occur.

Simple backup restoration allows websites to be rolled back in case of emergency. Regular malware scans and bug fixes also ensure that your website is constantly running to the best of its ability.

Better Caching Solutions

Instead of utilising a WordPress caching plug-in, some Managed WordPress hosting offers a server-level solution. Rather than loading WordPress first and then the cached page, the cached page can be delivered instantly.

By skipping this step, you will also be enhancing your site speed and maintaining the optimised speed for as long as possible. Consequently, improving the overall website performance, benefitting both you and the host.

Developer-friendly Tools

Managed WordPress hosting is unlike any regular hosting, providing an accessible and easy-to-use dashboard. It will also be able to show you important statistics and information regarding your site and software.

Other develop-friendly tools include SFTP, database access, SSH (With WP-CLI), and error/access logs. As well as this, staging environments are available so you can clone your live site quickly and easily. Test out any changes, any updates or modifications to code, try new plug-ins all before applying them to your live site.

Complete WordPress Support

Finally, one of the most superior features of managed WordPress hosting is the unrivalled support. Working solely with WordPress, these hosting providers know the CMS like the back of their hand, so can provide reliable and knowledgeable support whenever it is needed.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Here are the main benefits of choosing managed WordPress website hosting.

Strong Security Protocols

There are several features above which contribute to strong security protocols, like automated updates, regular backups, and security checks. In addition to this, however, is the expertise of the hosting providers that increase security even further.

They are aware of what’s running, any weak points, and they understand WordPress reactions. Plus, with a specialised hosting environment, your site is extremely safe and your website security is assured.

Less Downtime, Optimal Uptime

We all know the damage that website downtime can impact on businesses. High traffic volumes can be great when it comes to sales, but detrimental if it puts too much strain on your site and causes it to crash.

Luckily, with managed WordPress hosting, the tailor-made server has been built to handle these strains. It has been developed with WordPress’ dynamic functionality in mind and is optimised with solutions to ensure your site stays functional and live during these times.

More Than Just Website Hosting

Yes, it provides you with a hosting platform for your website, but it also delivers WordPress expertise directly to your door. On a technical level, someone outside your business will manage your website’s server, but website management is often a time-consuming activity anyway.

WordPress Web Developers are very quick to diagnose frailties in a website. If there is a security-related problem with your website, identifying the problem needs to be fast. At Logic Design, our developers have experience with spotting plug-ins that need to be removed, for example, and regularly create bespoke alternatives as part of our website design services.

The first-class support you receive from experts — plus, the straightforward hosting control — makes it all worthwhile.

Do You Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

You need a host specifically tailored to WordPress if your WordPress site plays a vital role within your business. Managed WordPress hosting not only provides you with a finely tuned environment for your website but allows you to focus on other aspects of your company.

When you’re a growing business, you shouldn’t have to worry about website performance, security, and any issues that may arise. Choose a reliable, secure, and expert host to look after and maintain your WordPress site and gain peace of mind.

It’s always worth a phone call if you’re unsure though. If you are interested in what we could do for your business or are wondering which website hosting is best for you, contact us on 01473 945050 or email [email protected].