Google Analytics a comprehensive, web analytics service that is provided by Google.

It is free of charge and can help any size business understand what strategies work best for them.

A Google Analytics Guide

Here is a simple, informative guide to help beginners recognise why you need it, how to get it and how to use it.

Why You Need It

One of the main features of Google Analytics is tracking visitors that comes to your website and analysing them so you can find the perfect way to convert them into actual customers. On top of finding out how much traffic you are receiving, you can also see where the traffic is coming from and how the visitors are behaving once they land on your site. By seeing how your website is performing and identifying certain trends, you can make the most out of your visitors which will help you reach your goals.

How To Get It

A Google Analytics account needs to be set up first, and in order to that, you will need a Google account – whether it’s an existing one or you have to create a new one. Once established, visit Google Analytics and click the Sign Up button to fill out the information for your website – it’s quick and easy to set up!

Once completed, you will receive a Google Analytics tracking code which must be installed correctly on your website; the installation will be different for every website, due to different features and platforms. If you are unsure of how to install it for your website, at Logic Design we will be happy to help you, contact us today.

How To Use It

After just a few hours of inputting your information and installing your tracking code, you will start seeing data in the form of reports and analytics. The amount of data you will receive does depend on whether you are signed into Google, but here are some of the reports you may have access to.

Audience Reports

A detailed report on all of the characteristics your visitors have: age, gender, general interests, location, language, number of visits, and technology they have used.

Acquisition Reports

A report that focuses on the motive behind your visitors and what drove them to your website, from the main channels to specific sources. You can also learn about traffic from social networks and SEO Campaigns by linking with Google’s Search Console.

Behaviour Reports

A report that focuses on your content, particularly the top pages, landing pages and exit pages; you can also identify what terms are searched for and what pages they are searched within.

Google Analytics is an essential tool for digital marketing, so why not sign up and try it out today? Or, if you are still unsure, speak to one of our experts for more help regarding your digital marketing campaign: 01284 706842 –

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