Choosing between sharp corners and rounded corners in your website design doesn’t sound like a big decision to make. However, it’s definitely not something you should overlook as it can have more impact than you think.

Did you know that rounded corners can affect how your business comes across? That they can influence a customer’s journey and whether they convert or not? Read on to find out more about the power of curved edges in design.

How Rounded Corners Affect Website Design & Visitors

Psychologically Associated with Sense of Safety

The immediate human response to sharp edges is danger. Simply put, if it’s sharp, it’s going to hurt; the emotions attached to this response are pain, fear and detachment. Even if it’s just on your device screen, your brain will instantly favour rounded corners rather than sharp ones.

What’s the opposite of danger? Safety. Rounded corners are psychologically associated with a sense of safety, approachability and friendliness. Curves are smooth and there is no risk of injury and no threat with this contour. Again, even if it’s just on your device screen, your brain is more connected and responsive to this shape.

This is why rounded corners are specifically beneficial for call-to-actions. In addition to drawing users’ attention to the content, by evoking a sense of warmth and trust, users will be more inclined to do business with a brand and convert. Whether it’s making a purchase and going through a transaction, getting in touch with the company or signing up to a mailing list, users will feel safe going through any of these conversions if there are curved edges to a CTA button. Also, the rounded corners will draw users’ attention to the CTA content.

Easier for the Brain to Compute

In addition to our brain’s negative response to sharp corners, they are also harder for us to compute. With a sharp-edged rectangle, the abrupt corners interrupt our brain processes. Our cognitive process moves from one point to the next, and so forth until completion.

The natural movement of our eyes is accustomed to curves. There are no points to reach with rounded corners and therefore the process isn’t interrupted. It’s not just the shape that is smooth, it is the entire brain computation when viewing them too.

Build a Strong Connection to Your Brand

The consideration of using rounded corners in your website design is important, but it is also an important consideration for your company logo too. The choice of shape within your branding can significantly affect the way in which your business is perceived.

By using circular shapes within your logo and branding, you will instantly appear soft, friendly and approachable. Additionally, they symbolise unity, commitment and reliability which are strong characteristics a customer would look for in a company. All of these messages combined are positive and first impressions are unwavering due to these qualities.

It isn’t just the circular shape that evokes these emotional connections. Other curved edges and movements within your logo can also have an impact. Whether it’s abstract shapes or flowing typography, the ease and comfort these angles bring will immediately build a strong brand connection with customers.

Breaks Down Information into Easily Digestible Parts

Rounded corners will draw the reader’s attention and focus to the centre of the container where the information is. Sharp corners do the complete opposite of this, drawing the eye away from the centre.

The uniqueness of round-cornered containers clearly defines them and sets them apart from one another when in a grid format. They project a soft tone that is calming and easy on the eyes. It is difficult to see where one container ends and the next begins when sharp-cornered containers run parallel in a grid. This causes confusion and distracts the user from the content.

Website Design Tailored to Your Brand

At Logic Design, we work closely with every client to get to know your business and brand inside out. By understanding who you are, your target audience, and how you would like your business to come across, we can create a bespoke website design solution that truly represents you and your business.

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