Whilst you’re sitting there trying to come up with some new content for your website, have you ever thought about updating your current content instead?

There are so many benefits that updating your content provides, including improving posts and enriching content. Take a look at some of these reasons why you should update your content regularly:

Advantages to Consistently Updating Your Content

Refresh Your Content for Google

We all know how much Google loves fresh content. You may assume this only means new content, however, it actually includes updated content too. Google isn’t a fan of old and outdated content, so make sure you engage in some regular spring cleaning of your old articles, either deleting them or updating them. Don’t let your old content get left behind, give it a revamp and revive it.

Google will identify the recently published content, whether you’ve created a new publication date or saved an updated version. Therefore, Google will crawl your site, index it, and boost your search engine traffic.

Amend Overlooked Mistakes and Improve Accuracy

No matter how many times you proofread your content, you will probably find a mistake later down the line. By revisiting your old content, you can review the grammar and make sure it is all in working order.

When assessing current content, double check that there are no broken links. The resources you linked to before, may have been removed or altered. Broken links will affect your Google ranking and, even though spelling and grammar isn’t a ranking factor, these mistakes will impact user experience.

In addition to removing broken links, you can try and find newer resources to link your content as well. Including more recent data and references to your content will increase the value of your content. You may even be able to expand your article after your findings too!

Also, experiment by adding more multimedia to your old content. This is one of the easiest ways to update your content as well as improve your search engine rankings. Images, video or even audio can all make your content fresher and more diverse.

Re-Optimize for the Right Keywords

Even though your old content may be performing well for the keywords you originally chose, you shouldn’t leave it alone. If you have done more keyword research since publishing your content, you should definitely review it.

Refocusing your keywords could, in fact, boost your results even more. So, don’t be afraid of being proactive. Take the risk, improve the keyword focus in your current content and see what happens. It could be great!

Increase Your Click-Through Rate

All of the benefits above ultimately lead to one thing: a higher click-through rate. The top results of a Google search are usually recently published content. Plus, users are more likely to click on articles that are published recently.

By updating your content by correcting mistakes, including more media and reoptimizing keywords, you are achieving a higher average quality of the page. This makes your content more appealing and maintains a strong ranking position, inviting more click-throughs.

Keeping Your Content Alive and Performing Well

Let your visitors know that you take pride in what you write. Showcase your skills and expertise to both your audience and Google by regularly updating your content. Reap the benefits and by enhancing your web presence with this simple action.

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