"Why Visuals Are So Vital in eCommerce Website Design"

No matter what you want to sell online, it’s important to have the visuals that accurately reflect your product in your eCommerce website design. This doesn’t just mean the product imagery, it means the encompassing website too.

With consumer shopping journeys changing dramatically in the last year, it’s more vital than ever to use high quality images and visual aesthetics on your online shop.

Here are the main reasons why they are so significant.

Why Are Visuals So Important for eCommerce Website Design?

Humans Are Visual Creatures

The temporary closures of brick-and-mortar stores during the pandemic has left consumers craving the interaction with new products. Shopping online means you lose all your senses apart from sight, so this is the one thing you need to focus on.

Use your visuals to enhance the shopping experience and to make it as close to in-person shopping as you can. Provide multiple high-quality images along with different angle shots and even some lifestyle videography or 360° clips. This will help users gain familiarity with the product and lead to conversion.

Clearer Communication & Instant Information

Regardless of how detailed your product description is, you will lose sales without providing an image. Product visuals help clearly communicate to the user all the relevant information they need to know about the item.

This could be product dimensions, colours and design which are all better relayed to the customer in a photo. Although straightforward and direct, images and videos aid the consumer to gain an overall look and feel of the product, helping them to form an opinion and result in a sale.

First Impressions Are Everything

As humans are visual creatures, it’s important to recognise the significance of your overall website design as well as product imagery. It goes without saying that first impressions count. A well-designed eCommerce website with high-quality visuals will immediately provide credibility for your audience and will build trust with them.

If your website’s visuals are consistent throughout the design and the product pages, you will encourage visitors to engage, convert, and become a loyal customer. When greeted with a poorly designed site, customers will immediately turn away; they will relate this to your overall brand and never return.

Improved Search Engine Optimisation

Your choice of imagery is crucial to user experience which ultimately has a domino effect on your Google ranking. Images and their alt text will enhance the relevancy of the page and could help you rank for organic searches. As well as this, visuals can be found in Google Image Search; this is another route that visitors can use to enter your site.

As much as Google loves images though, there’s one thing it doesn’t like and that’s a slow site speed. Big images can make a page quite slow, so remember when choosing your images to optimise them for SEO and compress them if they are large in size.

Bespoke eCommerce Website Design by Logic Design

Now more than ever, an online platform for retail shops is incredibly vital to keep business moving. With such unpredictability in the world, an eCommerce website is the perfect backup and will give any business owner peace of mind.

It’s clear to see that imagery plays a huge role in this though, so make sure you take the time to produce the best, high-quality visuals for your shop.

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