Bury Wholefoods sells a range of organic health foods and sustainable products; from nuts, seeds, pulse and grains to eco-friendly household items.

With a focus on the organic nature of the food, the company promotes its localised delivery options asone of its main USP’s: a door to door service that’s not only more personable but allows for items to be refilled, making them ‘Zero Waste’ and environmentally friendly.

Bury Wholefoods’ website utilises WooCommerce, WordPress’ eCommerce offering, so our focus was creating a website design with conversion in mind.

Inform and Convert

The company required a full-fledged eCommerce website where clients can discover the concept before purchase products securely online. Visually, the Bury Wholefoods online presence needed to reflect its ethos, allowing users to understand how the system works. Clear navigational channel subsequently direct visitors towards products and strong call-to-action triggers ensured the best sales conversion rates are achieved.

It All Starts With a Conversation

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