Serving both commercial and residential markets, Gaia is a full solution provider of wet and dry underfloor heating

For over 25 years, the company has designed, installed and maintained systems across the UK and is renowned for it’s industry leading customer service. Although benefiting from a full web presence, the design had become outdated and whilst still functioning, the user experience had thus become convoluted. Approaching Logic Design to recreate their online persona, we set about creating a large scale brochure website design with the focus placed upon user experience (UX).

Gaia Climate Solutions Website Design

Sustainable expansion

We subsequently provided a heavily customised WordPress CMS, enabling Gaia’s dedicated admin team the facility to manage information across the website, in real time. Upon launching the website, the company has seen increased page engagement per user whilst reducing the previously high bounce rate. With a successful initial project, we have since moved on to creating an additional web presence to assist with the company’s growth in 2017.

Gaia Climate Solutions Website Design

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