Mr Cricket Hockey is a successful specialist sports equipment retailer. Their shop is located just outside Cambridge in rural Burwell village.

Mr Cricket made the transfer to Logic Design with the aim of growing their online business. It was decided that we would undertake a brand refresh and, as a result, total overhaul of the design for their website. With a range of products and steady customer base, WooCommerce was chosen to take Mr Cricket into 2020.

Custom WooCommerce platform for successful sports retailer

WooCommerce Website Design with a UX focus

Before beginning the project, our designers were given a full brief on the shop’s requirements. The development team investigated functionality from the existing site, ensuring a continuation of service for the business. Some features to be added included an expansion of the current product list and greater impetus on increasing order values through on-site marketing and upsell / cross sell techniques.

However, user-experience was the website’s first and foremost priority; it was agreed that the old design had become outdated and lacked direction for users. One key aspects of any web design is to create distraction-free and clear user experience to help drive sales and increase conversion rates.

In the 3 month period post launch, the website saw a 35.4% increase in net sales compared to the 3 months pre-launch. The volume of products sold followed this trend and the shop had a slightly higher increase of 35.7% in physical products sold.

Custom WooCommerce platform for successful sports retailer

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