With offices situated in Diss and the Midlands, Ratiobox specialise in external accountancy, offering a variety services for a variety of businesses.

The branding of Ratiobox is one of the most important aspects of this project, making sure that it is developed uniquely so it is easily identifiable. By utilising their original logo and branding, and developing it to maximise its online potential, we ensured that Ratiobox would be SEO-friendly and easily indexed on Google. Highlighting the strong USP’s of Ratiobox, and displaying the significant reasons behind using them as an external accountancy firm, we enabled their brand and credibility to be strengthened. A high level of professionalism was required throughout their website design, within their content and clear navigational channels, in order to emphasise their brand further.

External Accountancy Website Design & Development

Expert Appeal

As well as ensuring that their new design was aesthetically and visually pleasing to the end user, there had to be consideration towards the two different audiences that they are targeting. Strong call-to-action triggers, with specific messages, were needed to drive enquiries for both situations: an immediate need for their services, or companies looking to replace their current provider. Both these audiences required different levels of services and knowledge, and it was important that we got particular messages across.

We have ultimately built a suitable web presence for Ratiobox that focuses on generating enquiries from both of these audiences. We have made sure that the site works across all platforms and device types, so customers can access their information at any time, in any place. The branding is also consistent throughout, maintaining professionalism as well as individuality.

External Accountancy Website Design & Development

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